Latency between tracks when turning insert plugins off

i tried to make a “fake” dub voice from one recorded vocal.
i duplicated the same track 2 times,so now i have the original track+2 duplicated.
there is no plugins or any other process on the original track.
i inserted on the duplicated tracks the “clone” plugin and the “VoiceDesigner” plugin with different settings (well it was on Nuendo 11 actually )
and when i turn the plugins off (not bypass) on the duplicated tracks,even with the “constrain delay compensation” on, the tracks play with phase and slightly delayed with the original. so beside this specific project i wonder if there is a problem with cubendo audio engine in general, cuz if i turn off plugins it should be “hard bypassed” including the latency/delay compensation thing !
also when the plugins are enabled (on) how can i trust cubendo that its not introducing this problems ?


Is the track selected and Record Enabled by any chance?

im not in the studio right now, but the tracks were not record enabled.
any other things you think need to be checked by tomorrow ?
(its probably happens with cubase too, so maybe ill check now on my laptop at home and report {
only with the clone plugin} )


Just to confirm, could you please attach MixConsole screenshot with the Routing and Inserts tab opened, please?

did a quick test.
one track duplicated with “cloner” plugin
1:when the plugin is turned off there is no delay(unlike with the other plugin on nuendo, ill check again tomorrow)
2: when the plugin is bypassed there is a delay
3: when the plugin is on, i set cloner to one voice ,all parameters set to Zero ,also the wet knob !
and there is little delay like phasing
4: made also a test with stock compressor ;multiband comp and maximizer ’ and they all OK on all tests, so maybe this happens with some plugins with higher latency on them, or other factor !


To me the result of your test is as expected.

here is a pic, i also added a track with De Clip plugin with high latency, even more then the cloner, but there every thing sound ok when bypass etc… no phase issue


Do I understand it right, the Cloner plug-in is disabled (on the screenshot)?

yes it is in the Pic, but it doesn’t matter , i did all test passes as i wrote above with the conclusions .
anyway its seems the cloner plugin is kind of “problematic” with the phase issue furtantly, and not cubase engine as a all (hopefully)

In you screenshot the plugin is only bypassed not disabled!

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yes indeed, but i just took a screenshot to show the plugins with the latencies ,
anyway the cloner is problematic on cubase when bypassed, it delays the track !! however when it is disabled its ok. and when its enabled it makes a little phase issues when all parameters are at zero which suppose to be in phase as far as i understand .

in nuendo 11 when have cloner and VoiceDesigner plugin on a track, when they are disabled it delays that track ! ill check tomorrow again with N11 when in studio

I can confirm a problem with the latency reported to the host.
But I can’t reproduce it now… still trying…

Once I had the problem introduced, the latency of Cloner is reported with 100ms.
If you initiate the plugin, it’s latency is reported with 129,6ms.

i didn’t mention and maybe i was not clear about it .
i duplicate a track with audio event in it, and when i play both tracks (one track with cloner disabled) i can hear the delay between them

If one of the instances copied with the track reports the wrong latency, it doesn’t get compensated in the right way.

hoo got it, so technically the reported delay from cloner is wrong and confuses cubase’s compensation

yes, but not always, it’s hard to reproduce

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