Latency compensation changes every time

Hi boys, I use Cubase 12 and some hardware that I use during mix as “external effects”, with Cranborne 500R8 sound card.
When I insert an external effect on a audio track, I use the ping function to make it compensate for latency.
However, I have noticed that this value sometimes changes, in the exact same project (with the exact same settings). For example in a 44.100 - 24 bit - buffer size 512 project, I insert hardware on a track and the latency value is 4.4 ms (I see it when I press “ping”). If I close Cubase and reopen it (same project) the latency is 4.18 ms on the same track.

Furthermore, this value also changes if I put the same hardware on different tracks contained in the same project (for example in insert on the bass track it measures 4.4 ms, then I move it to insert on the vocal track and it becomes 4.1 ms… .
What happens?

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same project show 2.04 and after restarting the pc with the some project show 0.04 . ???

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As far as I know this has always been wonky in Cubase, but I don’t think you need to ping and all that stuff, Cubase will take care of the latency in the background anyways, at least to my experience.

the difference from track to track could be different stuff on the channel down the line, alter the latency.

No, the flow is the exact same one (same project, same insert hardware, same audio track).
I suspect it’s a Cubase bug… :confused:

Most of the time this latency ping display, did not even work on C10.
But as I said, I believe cubase still does what it should do, so I wouldn’t think too much about it.