Latency compensation options

so, after nearly 2 decades of Cubase usage I want to finally sort out my latency settings with the current options available.

1st things first, my setup:
RME MADI Extreme ASIO 128 samples
SSL Alphalink Madi AX
SSL X-Desk & X-Panda
Core i7 based win 8.1 DAW with Cubase 7.52
28 channels of analog synth sources going into X-Desk > direct outs > Alphalink > RME > Cubase External Instruments
when sequencing from Cubase, the lag is 3ms, so when recording the resulting waves appear 3ms after the grid
when I go to vst connections > external instruments i enter 3ms with each instrument and now they record dead on the grid, so far so good.

I also have a Cirklon and tend to use my outboard synths onboard sequencers a lot.
In order to have everything run as tight as possible I use an Innerclock Sync Gen2 Pro.
When everything synced by the Syncgen is recorded (on top of the 3ms in external instruments) it is still 9ms late
The syncgen control panel provides a sample correction for that and after setting that to 417 samples, also midi externally sequenced, but clocked by Cubase records dead on the grid. S far so good2

when i change samplerate, or asio settings above settings are no longer correct.
but these settings seem to be global, not being part of a template
this means I have to update these manually every time there is a need for different samplerate
Is there a way to overcome this? and save both ASIO settings & latency compensation with a template?

I have the same problem. I have to input the latency compensation manually every time I change buffer size or soundcard.