Latency even with Steinberg plugins

I was trying to look through the forum but nothing yet. Looks like I’m the only one so far.
The problem is the latency. No matter what I record manually or auto, the output is not even with the metronome.
Example. Recorded Grove Agent kick- simple one kick on every count. Quantize it just to make sure. All are even. Start playing it with the metronome and they are late. I need to move them 1/128 forward in order to be even.
I recorded piano from an external keyboard - even it up - perfect.
I recorded bass from Trillian - uneven - must move forward the same amount as a drum.
Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.
I forgot - I open another Grove Agent and I used beat designer as a midi insert to record drum. Same thing - I need to move notes forward in order to be even.
I move back to 9.5 - everything records even.
Does anybody have an idea?

Which click are you using?

The original that came with the software. I didn’t change anything in it.

MIDI? Audio?

]By saying “original” I meant there were no changes to it since the original installation of DAW. Here is the screenshot.