Latency-free DSP with distortion plugin on future Steinberg Audio Devices?

Hi Steinberg,

This might be more like a request for your future Products or a question regarding the possibilitiy if any to actually do this? Im not technical in anyway, but this regards the issue of recording audio through an Audio Device like the UR44 into Cubase and get a latency free experience with that… THis is possible of course since that Audio Device actually has that feature (latency free recording with effects like Reverb, etc). I use that latency free Reverb when recording vocals but not when recording my bass guitar or Electric guitar through a plugin like Guitar Rig 5 Pro or AmpliTube 4 MAX, etc.

So my question is if it would be possible in future UR44 Products or whatever Steinberg audiocards to add a distortion effect to that latency free DSP so I could use that when recording electric guitar, etc? then I could record it latency-free with a plugin through the UR44 DSP or the like? Then after that add AmpliTube to the Clean DI Electric guitar signal…?

Well, thats my thought, if you can have alatency free experience with vocals why not also add the ability to playing Electric guitar through a plugin? I mean a plugin Always add some latency but not a “latency free DSP plugin inside an Audiocard”, right? Sure I could also do it using a Radial JD DI-box I guess?

//Regards from Robin Gardner//

The UR44 currently has “Guitar Amp Classics” for this. Are you not aware of it yet or is this not what you are describing? These are guitar amp effects that allow you to plug your guitar directly into the UR44, hear a clean, crunch, or lead type sound, while you play and record but the recording is a direct signal of your guitar that you can then alter using Guitar Rig, VST Amp Rack, or other products.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: Yea I got it figured out now! I just needed to install the program “FX Basic Suite” and then activate it in the eLicenser, to get this to work. Then I got the “guitar amp classics”, but also the compressor, etc to work.