Latency - Guitar rig 5

I’m getting latency issues when using GR5 that were not present in 6.5, it’s little, but noticeable and annoying :frowning:

I opened up 6.5 and 7.1 side by side and compared, I have used the same settings I did in 6.5 other than the Asio-Guard. Disabling it doesn’t help nor does selecting “boost”.

My ASIO buffer is set to 256.

Anyone else experiencing this?

*EDIT: I updated the Presonus driver and firmware, seem to do the trick.
**EDIT 2: ack, guess I somehow managed fooled myself yesterday, today the latency is still really noticeable :frowning:
Device Setup.PNG

You use somewhat the same settings as me. Except I might use 64 samples or 128 before going to 256 when I’ve got drums and a few guitars and some other stuff.
Personally I havn’t noticed any latency issues but i’ll keep an open mind and keep a look out.

I’ve found that my latency issue has to do with running CB6.5 projects in CB7. If I open up a fresh project in CB7 I’m golden and no latency issues with guitar or eDrums. Makes me feel better but I wish that it wasn’t an issue .

Check your constrain delay settings in cubase 7