Latency in Cubase Pro 8.5

Hi everyone. This is my first post, but definitely not my first time here at the forum. I was not able to find this issue in the archives so I thought I would see if anybody has any suggestions.

I have cubase pro 8.5. I am experiencing a very noticeable latency but ONLY on certain projects. I am using the cubase monitoring function in order to hear my guitar through an amp sim plugin. I have checked my device settings and my sample rate is at 128 (6ms of RTL with my Focusrite Clarett). I shouldn’t be hearing any latency at this sample rate, nor do I hear any difference (more or less latency) when I adjust the sample rate.

This is occurring only on a couple of active projects I’m working on. When I revisit old projects, and add a track to monitor my guitar, there is no issue. I can’t figure out what has changed from one project to the next that would cause such issues. I know I can probably export all my files into a new project, but I was hoping to keep the current project if possible.

Any ideas?

I realized that the projects that were experiencing latency were ones where I had plug ins on master fader. Once I removed them, most of the tracks were latency free again. I guess the CPU isn’t strong enough to process this plugins on the mix bus? Has anyone else had experience with this?

Solution is really simple:

  1. Make new stereo group channel, call it pre-MASTER and route its output to master out bus
  2. Reroute all your tracks from master to your new pre-master group channel.
  3. Place master channel inserts on your new pre-master channel
  4. Leave your real master channel always free from inserts

This solution has some major advantages over using master channel in classic way:

  1. You can see level of audio sum pre master fader - and that is really huge help in some cases.
  2. Your inserts at pre-master are taken into account with delay compensation
  3. You can easily route your overdubs in realtime straight to master channel, so they bypass high-latency mastering processors, but still you can hear you playback mix with full mastering chain engaged.

Simple as that and really really useful :slight_smile: