Latency in Current Project...Open new project no latency....

Ive nearly finished my nieces show reel and for some reason I’m getting latency when using VI

When I load up Standalone Kontakt\ Omnisphere no latency at all.

Load up Kontakt\ Omnisphere as a plugin in Cubase and get terrible lag…

Buffer set to 64 samples

Please help! What is causing this issue?



Opened up a brand new project …created a new instrument track selected Kontakt…No latency…

Same settings as showreel project…

What is causing the latency in the showreel project?

Ive tried disabling all tracks apart from one instrument track…and disabling all inserts…:frowning:

I just went and removed all the plugins on my master bus…And problem solved. I thought disabling them would be enough.

Is the only way to deactivate plugins is completely remove them? I couldn’t see an option to deactivate?

Anyway problem solved. I had Gullfoss and Ozone 9 on the master-bus…I was nearly finished, was just finalising the mix and decided it needed some extra kontakt textures

You didn´t look thoroughly then - Each plugin has an on/off button, which from the reack can be activated by [alt]-clicking the bypass button, which again is made visible in the tooltips field.

It will also cause the same problem problem but reverse/negative latency…
1st of all it messes with your ears when you’re playing, then actually records into the key-roll maybe 1/32 in FRONT of what you actually played…a mess.
if you go to the Master Bus, then on the inserts hold the ‘alt’ key on your keyboard and click on the bypass it will ‘power off’ the plugin.
I just had exactly the same with Ozone 9 as well, but doing this keeps all your settings, so you don’t need to go back through it again.