Latency indicator in the track list (watch Cubase video)

I watched this Cubase video and there I discovered these latency indicators (jump to 2:16).
Does anybody know how to configure it?


In the MixConsole’s Rack Settings enable Latency.

I know that very well.
But the picture (of the video) shows this indicators in the track list !

I Don’t see it in that video. But I would like it, as I don’t use the Cubasemixer…

I wish it was a latency indicator, but I have my doubts. I think it’s just the levels of the FX/Group/VCA automation.

I don’t have access to Cubase at the moment, but you can try this:

At the bottom of the track list, click the cog. Then, in the resulting screen:

go to group/fx/vca. Is there a latency setting hidden? Yes? Activate it? No? Out of luck!


First of all, I was wrong, sorry. In the MixConsole it’s not under the Rack Settings, it’s under the Setup Window Layout.

Send, the numbers you can see in the Track list are not Latency. Compare 2 seconds early, you can see the MixConsole. The numbers there doesn’t match to the numbers in the field you pointed to (in the Project window). Moreover, there is also a negative number.

This field shows the current automation parameter value, based on the cursor position. In the Track Control Settings this field is named Parameter.

ah ok! thank you Martin!