Latency Issue - Apogee Duet (1)

Hi All

Having trouble with Latency in 6.5.1 while recording guitar, at least .25 second delay with each pluck. Obviously this makes recording impossible. I’ve checked everything.

Apogee Duet
Buffer Size: 64 Samps.
Input Latency: 3.537
Output Latency: 3.741

I’ve all the latest drivers installed.

Funny thing is, everything works fine in Cubase 4.

Can’t find anything on the web regarding issues with the Duet (1) and 6.5.1 Has anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 11.15.17.png


Is there any processing going on on the channel?

If yes, do you have a latency inducing processing device on that or even any channel?

Compressors for example (dynamics) can cause latency.


Hi Hugo

Thanks for suggestion, but no, all channels are clear of any effects or plugins. Any other idea?