Latency Issue (MR816x)

Hey all.

Just bought an MR816 today. I’m getting a great sound out of it, except when I try to record with it, I get huge amounts of latency.

Signal chain:

SM57 -> MR816X -> PC -> SONAR X1

Monitoring wise I get no latency and it sounds great.

I have installed the most recent drivers for it and there are no other devices running on the computer (No printers etc.). All of my other drivers are up to date as well.

I can get it to work with 0 latency in Cubase, but that doesn’t do me any good because I prefer using SONAR.

Ran the latency test program. Everything comes up green so I doubt it’s a random hardware issue.

The same issue also happens with Amplitube 3 running in stand-alone so I doubt it’s a SONAR issue.

Got it sorted. Turns out I hadn’t quite removed ALL of the old drivers from my old interface. The two lots of ASIO were causing conflicts.

Removed EVERY audio driver that I had, reinstalled the MR drivers and bang. Worked straight away.