latency issue?

click sounds - despite barely scratching the capacity of my ram, it appears that my ZoomR16 asio driver is causing intermittent clicking. I just updated the firmware and it stopped for a few hours and then returned. I noticed that if I enable the generic low latency driver, the clicking stops. Should I cave in and get a Focusrite or is this something that is fixable? I have adjusted the buffer anywhere between 256 to 2048 but nothing helps. Any ideas?


If you are on Windows, I would recommend to run LatencyMon to check your system.

Yes, I’ve done that. And, the performance meter in Cubase never shows anything close to an overload. See attachments.


Very nice results! Then I would maybe say it’s the hardware issue.

Thanks Martin, I had thought that the R16 had outlived it’s usefulness. Now, the search for a good AI starts- leaning toward a Focusrite 4i4 or Steinberg- problem is I don’t have any XLR connections between my amps and my computers…

here is a pic of my lat mon while running Cubase…


That still looks quite good.

I have purchased a new AI. Debated on the UR242 and selected the MOTU M4.

Thanks Martin, the best I can describe it is the sound of a record skipping. I can lower levels on Cubase and up the amplifiers, no matter. I am scared that the new AI doesn’t make a difference…


I hope the new Audio Interface will behave correctly. Let us now, please.

Thanks Martin