Latency issue


I’m running Cubase Pro, on a windows 10, intel i7 9th gen, 32GB ram. My keyboard is the Nektar impact lx61+, connected to laptop via USB.

I’ve noticed that I have some latency issues when I record VST. Take one of the most recent issue, I have 10 Vst (Battery 4, Serum, Nexus, Massive and VI Labs piano), highlighted in Red while the rest are audio tracks.

I’ve also hooked up my audio interface, a steinberg UR22 and the latency is as shown in the picture. When I press a key, it’s almost a full second before the sound is heard…

I’m running a messenger app, a browser and cubase. I’ve checked the cpu stress and all is fine. Ram usage is also about 30%. I’ve even tried restarting the com and running only cubase but its still the same result.

Is there anyway I can fix it? Or do I have to hook up my keyboard into the midi in on my audio interface? My keyboard uses a usb type b port.

Thank you!
Annotation 2020-04-21 193332.jpg


Try to test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please.

Disable Plugins with High plugin delay or set up “constrain delay compensation”.


Make sure, there is no Compressor or any plug-in with high latency on the Stereo Out.

Or simply put:
Disable all plugins with high plugin delay or set up “constrain delay compensation”

This fixed the issue! How silly of me. I was playing around with some plugins and I guess it causes a delay in the signal.