Latency issue

I am running cubase 6 - Vista 64 - amd phenom 64 quad core with 8gb ram - Mackie d8b - m-audio lightbridge into my pc.

I have been using podfarm 2 as one vocal effect and had no latency issues and now added the mazerati waves vst effect and maxed the ASIO meter out to 100%. My buffer in my lightbridge is set to 128 samples. If I increase my buffer my keyboard lags. Is there another adjustment to find a happy medium? I have 9 vocal tracks on this particular track and am running individual instances of these effects on each track.

Is there a preferance of a new soundcard mounted to the pc vs the lightbridge firewire?


Which ASIO driver is selected in Device Setup?

M-Audio FireWire ASIO

If you’re running 64 bit Cubase and the Maseratis are 32 bit then there’s probably nothing to do about it other than to switch to 32 bit Cubase.


I am currently running 32bit as the VST’s are not compatible to 64bit.

What firewire chipset? If not TI, that’s likely the issue.

I think the issue is more that those Waves signature plugs area) VERY cpu hungry & b) have built in latency of their own.

Can’t you group your vocals & use one instance across the group while you finish writing then up your buffers for the final mix to get as much cpu as you can & reintroduce the different instances.