LATENCY ISSUES all buffer sizes

Is anyone having latency issues via midi keyboards at all buffer sizes?

I reopened Cubase 10.5 and I have no issues but on 11 its very noticeable

anyone overcome this?


Exactly the same by me …

Some plugs that might report a corrected delay?
Turn off “Constraint Delay Compensation” ?

There is another thread about Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen 1, but it was working fine under 10.5 with very low latency but now my roundtrip latency (offset recording a click with a microphone against the speaker) is 150 ms, which is a full 16th note at 100 bpm.

Delay Compensation is off , My system is strong enough that Ive never had to use it , ever
but noticed when its on ,cubase 11, latency is good , and this is with only 1 plugin inst in the session,
ill see what bug results more testing will bring

I never had that issue with previous versions

I also have a problem with the latency in C11, it is stuck at 1024 !!!
impossible to record live !!! everything is ok with C10.5
and, like you HOUSEMUSIC, I have never had this kind of problem in previous versions !

Just today I installed CB11 and the first thing I’ve noticed is some latency with my midi keyboard, much less tight than 10.5.10. Also the velocity sensitivity feels different as if I have to hit stronger to get a note. I’m using M-audio Code 49 KB, never had problems before this update.

I noticed this when plugins are present on masterbus…
(Linear phase plugins)

-if this is the case, constrain the delay compensation and reactivate after recording…

If you never had to use it, then thatˋs not because you system is strong enough, but because you never used plugins with a high plugin delay in the monitoring path.

So then now this one plugin has a high plugin delay. Not a bug at all

see above

problem solved for me ,

i forgot to check in “properties”, “run as administrator” !!! :wink:

I was experiencing the exact same problem, and you just solved it for me. I have a template in which I have a plugins stack in the master bus (all disabled), and the MIDI/audio latency was massive. I opened a new, empty track (nothing on the master bus) and the problem went away.

I’ve traced the problem to the Imager plug-in.