Latency Issues due to new software

Hello, I have a question, I think I am not the only one who has thought about it.
I am recording on Cubase but I am recording in a different way, there is a software processing my audio and then sending it to Cubase, which is increasing the latency, I am aware that this software is the issue, because I don’t have this issue without it. However, I’d like to know if there is a plugin or any other way to adjust that latency, or a way I can tell Cubase “Let’s move this recording 10 ms to the right place”.
At least for this case, the buffer is not being enough, it looks like that software is not letting me set a lower buffer, and I could just move the recording manually, but that’s what I don’t wanna do. I mean, if I know how many ms my recording is getting delayed, I think I could just set it up on Cubase or a plugin. Maybe somebody knows about an alternative or if I just resign myself to using that software. Thanks in advance.

You could try adjusting the delay in the audio track’s inspector with the amount of ms. This affects the playback only, so the events will still be in the wrong place in the time. If you want to move the event on the timeline, I think it should be possible with the project logical editor, by using the “position” target.