Latency Monitor - where?

I don’t seem to be able to find how to view the new latency monitor… can anyone help?
I’ve searched through the manual and clicked everywhere I can think of in the mixer but just can’t find it.

EDIT: I didn’t look hard enough… found it
For anyone else that is unable to find it - it needs to be enabled in Setup Window Layout
Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 21.34.47.png

Thanks! I was trying to find it.

Pardon me for what may be a dumb question but how is latency monitor useful as there is automatic delay compensation?

Helps you track down plugins that have large amount of latency.
Usefull for example when you decide to re-record a VSTi and need better latency without destroying the mix completely .
Yes not terrible important, but information that is nice to have .

Thanks for the tip Mike

However, whenever I tick the boxes from the lower zone mixer Setup Window Layout, nothing happens?

Latency monitor and other info (eq curves, pictures etc…) only display if I select to open this in another window

Must be something basic I overlook, but cannot find any info in the manual or otherwise?