Latency mystery

I have Cubase artist running with a Steinberg UR22C, and here’s a funny thing.

I have connected a Sony SRS-XB12 bluetooth speaker by cable to the UR22C (a cable with 2 mono jacks at one end and small headphone jack at the other), and I also have a pair of headphones connected to the UR22C.

The output to the headphones has negligible latency, but the output to the bluetooth speaker has a big delay - perhaps almost half a second. So my question is this:

Is the big latency I hear when outputting to the bluetooth speaker due to Cubase, the UR22C or the speaker itself?

My guess is that it’s the speaker, but it surprises me given that I am not using bluetooth, and have connected directly to the aux in with a cable.

Thanks for any advice.

I would say it has to be the speaker. The main outs and headphone outs are in sync from my UR44.

Yes, almost certainly the speaker.

I don’t know the speakers. But nowadays, they often have their own DSP (Equalizers, some kind of virtualization or “surround”), which introduce some latency. Isn’t that the case of your speakers?

Funny, I was just watching a YouTube video from a producer, saying to avoid Bluetooth like the plague due to latency issues.

Thanks very much for the answers and as you all suspected, it was the speaker. I hooked up a different speaker today (Marshall Acton) again with an auxiliary cable and the latency had disappeared.