Latency on mixdowns

I mixdown my Midi parts to Audio and import them back into Nuendo to work on them further. I’ve just noticed that even though the Midi notes are snapped to the grid, the mixed down audio derived from this midi starts a little bit late. So there is obviously some weird latency issue going on. Has anyone else experienced this? and if so how do I fix it?

DAW: Nuendo 5 32bit
Platform: PC
OS: Windows 7 64bit 9 (So I can have more RAM)
CPU/Computer model: AMD Phenom II X4 940
RAM in GB: 8.00GB
Audio hardware/driver version: E-MU 1616

Do a search on the Cubase forums - there was a long running thread about this a year or two back, and I think it lead to some conclusions that some people really did have a sync issue with MIDI - and some changes were made in (I think) Cubase 7 (i.e. Nuendo 6) to address it. I recall that there was a wide range of different issues taking place on different platforms and systems - I did some tests at the time and found my particular system (Mac OSX.6 and RME hardware at the time) was pretty accurate.

Is your issue of latency occurring with external keyboards and vsti’s? Or just the external keyboards?

I get something weird happening in two ways:

  1. When I record myself playing my midi keyboard, which is triggering a vst synth, the midi notes are landing a few milliseconds before I actually play them.

  2. Once I then quantize the notes because of problem number 1, I like to export the file as audio and reimport it as audio to then work one it. The problem I get with that is the audio file starts a few milliseconds later than the quantized midi file it comes from! So there is some sort of latency issue.

Its doing my head in, can you help?

I usually see a little latency on external keyboards when I bounce them down, but not on vsti’s. That is strange.

Perhaps, try to lower your buffer on your soundcard.