Latency on vocal recording with UR242 only in Cubase

Hey people,

hopefully you can help me out, as I can not find a solution to my problem, although it should be very simple and i feel quite noobish asking.

I own the UR242 and use Cubase AI 9 that came with it. When I start the dspmix software i can get a perfectly timed vocal signal, but when I start cubase to record in there I get a very strong latency on the vocal signal. It seems that some stuff is always loaded additionally with cubase that produces latency.
I also get it when I use a project template for vocal recording, although I guess those should already be correctly routed and set up.

How do I get a project for my vocal recording that has eve has nothing else activated and gives me the option to record vocals without latency via the hardware based monitoring ?

Thank you,
~Alexander Busch