Latency out of nowhere

I just switched to a Mac Studio about a month ago. Using Rosetta 2 with Cubase 12Pro. Installed everything and it was working just fine. Wonderful. For a while. Now while I’m working on a new song, everything will be fine and out of nowhere I start getting latency where none had been before. Change the buffer, no help. Reboot Cubase. No help. Turn all plugins off. No help. One thing that did help once was when I opened a .bak file. Obviously saved before whatever happened started effecting the song. It seems like once the latency rears its ugly head, it is attached to the project file. If I start a new project from scratch, once again everything is fine. I use mostly Waves and Slate Digital plugins. All are up to date, Waves are all version 14. The only plugin that could possibly be a culprit is SD FGX-2 as I added it later. But even after I removed it, still there. I’m assuming its maybe a Mac/Rosetta issue.

How do you notice the latency, when playing a VI from a keyboard?
Usually it is a plugin that causes the latency. To check for that, you could enable the “Channel Latency” view in the mixer:
This will show you the latency of the channels, and if you click the hidden triangle, the latency for each plugin on the channel:

Also, try enabling “Constrain Delay Compensation” (ALT-C, dunno for Mac) and see if that improves the latency (this will disable all plugins with higher latency in the realtime signal path.

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I was noticing it when engaging anything really… Mostly vocals or drums. But, thankfully I found the culprit. It was the Slate Digital FGX-2. I had originally only disengaged it, not fully turned it off while it was on my main out. I used to use the Waves L2 for quick loudness for mix checks and would just leave it on the main out. It only showed a 1.2ms latency. So that’s why it never caused a problem. But after reading a few good reviews of FGX-2 I figured I’d change to that.

Thanks to you I used the channel latency window like you showed. On the main out, it was showing 66.1 ms latency with the FGX-2 plugin disengaged. Once I turned the plugin off… Boom… down to 0ms. I can’t thank you enough for the tip. I completely forgot about that option.

An easy way to stay with the plugin for mixing and disabling it for recording is the constrain delay compensation switch and settings.

But you need to understand what it does first.
If enabled, it disables all plugins with latency over a given amount. That ensures latency free (nah short latency) recording sessions while for the mix process everything is in place again.

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Awesome! Thanks for this tip. Much appreciated.