Latency Problems Artist 6

Hi all,

I am new to Cubase.
My need is simple:
How do i Live record on track 2, the contents (a snare hit) from track 1?

This video shows how to fix the issue but does not show how he records one track to another:

that is what I need to do: record track 1 onto track 2 (live) while playing track 1 (live)
and to do it within the system, not by dragging a track to a track.

So, after I record through the mic/mic cord/firewire/etc. and into the system. I want to
play track 1 and have it record as it is playing onto track two, so I can adjust for latency via
samples and so on.


Using Cubase Artist 6, Win7 64bit, Presonus Firestudio, rocket ship for PC.

connect your soundcard’s output that plays back track 1, to an input which then records on track 2.