Latency SD3 and cubase 9.030

Hello. I have a roland td12 drumset in my studio. It worked flawlessly before with cubase and ez drummer 2. But i havent used it for a while. I have upgraded to Superior Drummer 3 and wanted to try it out. But i cant understand. When i try the solo SD3 its no delay (latency) from the hit of a drum till the pc and out to speakers. But when i load a project in cubase 9.030 and want to play i have unacceptable latency. I run cubase in a buffer of 64. Someone here who have a clue what i should try? I have the same delay now when i try ez drummer 2 also now, so somthing is wrong wich wasnt there before. I dont remember for how long ago it is since it worked flawlessly. Maybe it was when i used win 7 and now when i use win 10 it has this problem

Do you have a plugin somewhere in the path ?

I have sd3 as an instrument and then routed to multichannel out in cubase…in some of the channels there i have plugins yes…on kick and snare for example…u think i should mute them?

No, you should disable (not only bypass) them.

thank you svennilenni…that was the thing…so its not possible to run sd3 with a nice mix from cubase without latency? :frowning:

That depends on the plugins involved…have you verified that disabling them solves he problem? If so then re=enable one at a time, it may be just one specific plugin causing the problem.

Aha…i just opened a clean projekt and loaded up sd3 with no plugins in cubase selected when tested again…so u say some plugin can work but not some others?..hmm strange

It’ s not strange, it is simple math. Plugins that need to do a lot of calculations need more time to do those calculations, hence have a higher plugin delay, causing higher total latency. Adding several of those plugins after each other in the signal chain will make things even worse. Sometimes these plugins also have a “live mode”, so they can be used at low latency. Sometimes, depending on the constellation, the Cubase “constrain delay compensation” function can help with that, but will quite certainly change the mix while activated.

Okej…but when hitting a for example kick in sd3 with my mouse…there is no latency even cus i have these plugin enabled. Its only when i use roland td12 when it is latency

That’s how latency works. Nothing weird.
There is also the constrain delay compensation button that can temporarily disable only plugs with latency.
Either use this or learn which plugs have latency and only use them after you finish tracking.

Yes it’s the plugins. I get that if I have loaded a project where I have added inserts. I just remove them play in again and put them back as it doesn’t impact playback. Have you tried the inbuilt effects and eq in SD3? They are really good.