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We have a latency spike every 64 seconds on our nice Lenovo laptop.
Would anybody ‘know’ what is causing this?

We have been through many suggested fixes, optimising the system, disabling drivers, services, tweaks etc. Nothing so far seems to fix it.
We run two other computers with no problems and they are much lower spec. They work fine with all the bad stuff enabled! Network adaptors, Aero, antivirus etc etc.

This [much higher spec] Laptop unfortunately just has this huge spike every 64 seconds.

Anybody encountered this problem before and did you fix it?

Many thanks
Stephen :exclamation:

Video drivers/firmware
network (wifi)
ACPI battery
card readers
turning off all power management.

sometimes the bios of the laptop is so bad it just cant be tamed (more often than not)

Cool thank you.
But turning off power management? I was under the impression it is part of the operating system. We can change the settings but turning it off?

Stephen :smiley:

change to high performance… plus in advanced is several things to do.
there is a good 50 things we tweak on a laptop plus having a custom bios…

Thank you. Yes we do. And they have been tried. :slight_smile:

As for the BIOS idea the question as always is where does one get this information? Meditation? Prayer? Online forums such as this? Pretty frustrating really trying to run a professional business when the technology is so hit-and-miss. As I posted earlier, we have tweaked and tweaked and tweaked, and disabled this and updated, even rubbed it down with a soft cloth. :unamused:

The question is how to get rid of the latency spike every %#&^@@%&^%##%^^##%^^64 seconds! :neutral_face:

the custom bios has to come from the manufacturer, even as geeky as we are we dont write bios here.

as an end user you wont get one… it was hard for us to get one and we sell 300 laptops a yr…
unfortunately you may have to buy a different laptop.

No. The spike occurs even when no audio device is present and all the onboard audio devices are disabled.
And yes it still occurs when the Foucsrite Saffire PRO40 or the Alesis io26 is connected through the Express Card adaptor with TI chip.

We have tried disabling:
Network adaptors
Memory modules
Sound, video and game controllers
Power management is set to performance
Processor scheduling to Background services
Those silly startup items that software developers keep sneaking onto the startup list [from msconfig]
Blah blah etc etc…

Thank you for your interest. Somebody from this forum offered to help if we paid him $100! :laughing: [Although he gave no indication that he knew anything we do not already know and appears not to have even read our first post!

Seriously though your interest is appeciated. :sunglasses:

Start the Task Manager and have a look at the Processes tab (click the Show processes from all users button). Now, click the CPU row to sort it and look for any *.exe that show CPU spikes. With a bit of luck you’ll find your offender.

Thank you for your kind response.

We have already checked Task Manager for an increase in memory usage of running programs and processor performance during the spike.

There is no change in either memory usage or processor performance that co-incides with the spike in latency.



Updated the BIOS and spike has disappeared. Cool.

Lenovo says the BIOS upgrade fixed stuttering in audio. There. Why the windows updater did not detect this is a mystery. Where would life be without its mysteries?

Many thanks to those who assisted.