Latency stuff (not 11 specific)

This is not at all specific to the latest pro (11) version.
I’m trying to understand the latency compensation thing.

My DI on 128 samples is giving the following details:
Input L: 238 samples (5.40 ms)
Output L: 198 samples (4.49 ms)
So it was my understanding that in the relevant Cubase track i’ll need to set the compensation to -449 ms.
But actually when setting to -220 I’m on beat.
What am I missing here?


Yo don’t have to set this per track. All tracks are delayed by the same amount.

What do you want to achieve?

Hey and thanks - it seems like the whole latency thing is a mess here,
and I’m probably making it worse with my misunderstanding.

I’m working with Digitakt and Overbridge as an external drum machine.
That’s the track with the latency issue.
And so I found myself falling into this rabbit hole of latency compensation
and the only thing that makes the midi events send to the Digitakt, play in time - is the setting I’ve shared in the previous post pictures.

It seems like I may even lack the understanding to ask the proper question here - so apologies.

Just like your whole double- / cross posting thing… :unamused:

Trying to get some insights and here I got no response in tje first days.
Point taken.


You should sync the devices with Cubase.

What is this just your analog to digital ins?

You shouldn’t have to do anything. Just hit record

Thank you guys. I think later today I’ll post a short video to help me explain what’s going on.
Really appreciate your help