latency vocal doubling/echo issues 7.5

I’m trying to record my vocals and seem to get that echo effect when recording my vocals. I’m using cubase 7.5 with the tascam 1800 interface. I have adjusted the mix knob on 1800 from computer to mix and I get more of the of the straight vocal with zero latency but when I do that my music volume is lowered. I have the1800 set the the "highest latency " to avoid the audio lag sound. I’ve heard that the 7.5 has a control - monitor room setting but not familiar of how to adjust that to eliminate the vocal effect if that will even do that. I have seen the Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD interface that has ZERO latency capability with direct monitoring. Before I was to purchase it I was hoping there was a fix with certain steps I could take to get the pure flat vocal without that annoying doubling echo effect during recording, When playback its not there & sounds good. I hope I have described my issue with complete detail & someone can guide me with steps to eliminate/stop this issue. Thanks

Try adjusting the “Mix” knob on the front of your interface so that you are monitoring only the signal coming directly from Cubase thru the USB connection or monitoring all the signal directly through the interface. I believe you would need to turn it all the way clockwise (for 100% Cubase) or all the way counter clockwise (for 100% through your AI). Then, using the Mixconsole in Cubase adjust the volume of the music tracks to be higher as needed to be in line with the vocal volume.

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Hi that’s what Ive done turned the mix knob clockwise 100% and i get the doubling echo effect and can hear music fine, when I turn it counter clockwise “to the left” the doubling echo sound is gone and get pure vocal but all music is gone, no volume on the music. Thanks for replying

Setting the audio interface to “highest latency” usually does exactly the opposite