Latency vocals

I am having latency issues during audio tracks. (Vocals) This makes it impossible to sing or rap unless I take one ear of the headphones. Any ideas besides lowering the latency. I’ve tried that and it still monitors late.

What audio interface and Cubase software are you using? Maybe you have direct monitoring enabled in the audio interface control panel.

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First of all thank you Prock. I am using ASIO4ALL (free software) on Cubase Artist 8.

Oh yea and direct monitoring is disabled.

If you are sure that the direct monitoring function on your audio interface (which you didn’t list yet) is off, then another thing to check is that you do not have any vst effects active on any i/o track.

Also, depending on the audio interface, you might be able to use the dedicated asio driver from the manufacturer for it instead of asio4all.

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Direct monitoring is there to avoid latency introduced by calculation of the host and its plugins. So having it on would be helpful
@OP:If your audio interface does not have a direct monitor function (which I suppose with ASIO4all) Disable Plugins with a high plugin delay, or look into the “constrain delay compensation” function.