Latency wdf 01000

Im running Cubase 12 pro with Windows 11 and getting problems with latency spikes
I can see these in my Native Instruments KA 6 interface. diagnostics.
Sometimes they are about 40.
Running latency mon shows that the highest culprit is wdf 01000.
The KA 6 Buffer is set at 192 at the moment, should i change this ?
Any other help please

If you google the culprit you will find lots of entries. Looking further wdf 01000 is part of windows os and in itself is not the culprit.

The process known as WDF Dynamic or Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime belongs to software Microsoft Windows Operating System or Kernel Mode Driver Frameworks service by Microsoft (

This kernel mode driver is used for driver support for add on cards (USB,FIREWire, ethernet). So it could be any of the drivers really causing this.

Have you done all pc optimisation? Try disabling wi fi if enabled. You don’t mention the spec of your computer. That might be useful.

Thanks for the reply.
I used to have my spec on the page when i posted stuff.
Its Gigabyte GA Z97X Gaming 5 Motherboard
With i7 4790 cpu
16Gb ram
Has M2 SSD on MOBO and 2 SSDs
Running Windows 11 that i’ve just updated
There’s no WIFI on this board if i use WIFI for the internet i have a WIFI dongle that i plug into the USB port.

I’ve ran Throttlestop and have these boxes checked.
Disable turbo
BD prochot
Should they be checked or not.
I cant see in the BIOS C_states hyperthreading or anything people have said about optimising the pc.

I haven’t done anything in my bios so I haven’t really looked. It’s usually the next stop if nothing else works. The spec sounds decent enough. I don’t really know your audio interface but I keep my Babyface pro fs buffers at 64 samples even on large projects and mine is a 9900 i9 on a z390 ASUS m/b. Yours should be able to manage smaller buffer sizes. Mine will run quite well on lower buffer sizes if a small project but I don’t need to as 64 gives me about 2ms output latency.

You don’t mention what video card you are using. Is it onboard?

Sorry. I use a usb native instruments complete audio 6 1st generation interface. It’s always been around 7 ms. Do you think I should go back to Windows 10 ?

The video is on the i7 chip

I’m on windows 11 and working no problem. Did you do a fresh install of win 11 or install over win 10? I would never install over the top and always do a fresh install. Does the video say which it is? I’m guessing it’s intel. The m.b spec should tell you what the onboard video is. I use the onboard video on mine which also works ok.

You video doesn’t seem to be as powerful as that on mine as it will only do 4k at 24hz mine will do 60hz so it’s not the same. Have you checked you are using the most current video driver and you haven’t got a load if other features loaded with it? I don’t know if it is the onboard video but it could be since it does use the cpu.

Also have you disabled the audio chipset in bios? I always do this.

The latest drivers are for Windows 10 and they’re all upp to date. The VGA is intel. It was a fresh install of everything. That’s why I’m thinking maybe the board doesn’t like Windows 11

I disabled the realtek audio on board

Do you have another video card you can try? It may be that. Did this same pc work ok with win 10 (I’m guessing from your answers it did) is there a bios update for win 11? I know my m/b had a specific bios update.

I’ve given up and am loading Windows 10 (fresh install)
Gigabyte dont support this board for Windows 11 so ill have to get another in the future.
Thanks for the input mkok

Well win 10 will be supported for quite a few years yet. I actually partitioned my drive and did a dual boot to win 11 and spent about a month running both win 10 and 11 before I moved to 11 using Cubase full time. I also had another pc a few years old that didn’t have a tpm or a supported cpu but I installed and it works fine.

I still think it could have been the onboard graphics but you may as well go back to 10 if you don’t have a graphics card to try out

I’m just starting again using latency Mon after each driver installed. I’m using Win 10 and it’s still the same. I think you’re right about the video. I’ll have look tomorrow. Do you have 2 screens ?

If I added a graphics card, can you recommend one ?

I just use one 32” 4k screen using my device port. I’d hate to try and recommend one as people have problems with lots of them. I did have a nvidia based on the 1030 chipset (passive so no fan) but use that on my 2nd computer now. I never had a problem with it. It may be worth asking a new question about this on the forum. Really it’s nvidia verse amd.

The 1030s are about £85 but the problem may persist. Try other forums and see if you can get an answer. I’d hate for you to get a graphics card and it not work.

For the future I’d suggest buying a pc designed for audio as I recommended in another thread as the combination of parts are tested and known to work, the main component being the m/b

OK Thanks I’ll have a look at Scan Computers as they’ve been mentioned.
Thanks for your help.