Latency when CC Program change in Halion


Today I imported a MIDI file (from sibelius) to cubase, because I want to use the Halion default sounds.
The MIDI is a piece for string quartet, and it has “pizzicato” parts, in the Sibelius score, so in the midi file there are CC program changes (for example, violin to violin pizzicato)

But when I reproduce the song, the CCs cause a “micro-lag” in the Cubase (something like 100ms of “freeze”) and the CC arrives late, so the first note of the pizzicato part still sounds with arco (the program has’nt changed).

At first, i tried "well, maybe it’s Halion charging the samples, but in an offline export It will be working, but no, when I export the audio, the “CC program change latency” is still here.

I have to do a tedious workaraund that consists in move the CC messages earlier, but its time consuming and frustrating, and sometimes it doesn’t work…

I can, if necessary, attach the midi file, a mp3 of the export, and even a video of the “freeze” issue.

Thanks in advance.

I have to add (sorry for double-posting!) that I used Halion, but I haven’t tried if this happens with other VST’s