Latency when using bluetooth headphones on Galaxy Tab S7


I’m a long time Cubase user and have just bought the Android version of Cubasis 3 - a lot of impressive features.

One problem I’ve found though is that I get significant latency when recording to a MIDI track using the built in keyboard and BT headphones. If I use the Galaxy’s built in speakers the latency disappears. Changing the latency setting just leads to crackling.

There’s no headphone socket on the S7 but there is a USB-C port. Can anyone recomnmend a way to connect headphones - either via a simple USB-C to audio connector or a small DAC?



Yep, bt headphones are absolutely ONLY any good for listening to a track! There are a million and one usbc to headphone adaptors on Amazon and the web….but, I’d recommend getting one that is highly rated (I bought one by ‘GLUBEE” for £8 just yesterday and has absolutely no noticeable latency issues)

Thanks, that’s great - I’ve just ordered a GLUBEE so should come tomorrow.

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The GLUBEE works really well so thanks again for the recommendation.

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Awesome! Definitely pays to get decent leads, I’ve bought a few cheap converters for the iPad and they fail soon afterwards for some reason,

Good to find it works on an Android tab as well

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