Latency with Apollo Twin X and virtual instruments

Hi there,

Just wondering if any of you are using Apollo Twin X and Virtual instruments.

What is the latency using the monitoring in Cubase with virtual instruments? I’ve read some people having trouble with this.

I’m now using an RME Fireface 802, so I’m not sure to change to the Apollo Twin X, because I use virtual instruments and would not benefit from the UA Console.

For what it’s worth, I had to give up my Fireface 800 for an Apollo Twin X when I got this new M3 laptop, and I am not experiencing any latency issues with virtual instruments. Pretty much the same as with the RME. It’s all about the buffer.


Hi, thanks. And why do you say you “had to give up”? It had a FireWire port?
I have a Fireface 802 with USB 2.0, the Mac Studio has two USB 2.0 ports, but was thinking of going with the Apollo with Thunderbolt.
Are the Unison preamps very nice with the vintage emulations?

Yeah, Fireface 800 is firewire only. You can allegedly make them go with the new Macs using a chain of adapters (Firewire 800->Thunderbolt2->Thunderbolt3), but that still left me without my UAD plugins, so I opted for a Twin X Quad.

Can’t report on the preamps yet, other than what I’ve heard at friends’ studios. They’re very good… and were impressive even a couple of generations ago. But I have been recording narration remotely (VST Connect) for the latest project, and just haven’t had time to test drive the inputs. When I get back home, I guess. I mean, the Unison thing puts an added twist on the plugins which speak for themselves even without it. But everything I’ve used the TwinX for, from general monitoring, loading up on plugins, using the talkback mic via control room, through (as mentioned previously) VST instruments-- mostly Keyscape-- it’s been great. No buyer’s remorse whatsoever.


Thanks Chewy, would be very interested if you can report about the preamps when possible.

All the best