Latency with Steinberg Novel piano

I don’t have any latency with n.i. contact pianos, but unacceptable latency with the recently installed Cubase Novel Piano. Does this Steinberg vst maybe use a different asio setting than my current RME settings and can this be solved with a setting somewhere?

I noticed one of the pianos is the worst. The latency is probably the samples or a slower attack but not audio interface related latency. I did notice this myself last night and checked my buffers in case I had changed them.

That’s why you can get it for free I guess :wink:

I checked the instrument with Halion 6 - there you can see the samples. For the “Novel Piano” preset you can see that the samples have a “dead start” - that’s what causes the latency you observed I guess. The other two presets do not have a significant latency compared to other pianos (I compaired to NI’s “Noire”) - at least I cannot hear it :slight_smile: