Latency with UR 22 interface

Hello, some specs first: Cubase 8 Artist on Windows 8.1, 6 GB memory, PC running average 60% CPU performance, No ASIO overload noticed so far. Latency was fine with my Tascam interface, but since I replaced it with the Steinberg UR22 I experience latency and am unable to record. I played with the parameters of the Device Setup for the ASIO guard, no significant improvement. The latency on the Device Setup panel are showing Input: 16.145 ms and Output 19.116ms, and I never had anything like that with my old Tascam! Suggestions anyone?

Okay just after I sent this, I found out that the control panel of the driver for the Yamaha USB UR22 was set to a high value by default on the buffer size, I changed it to 64 samplea and it improved. It may not be as good as with my Tascam but it is acceptable.
Problem solved.

I am curious, what Tascam interface?

One thing I will just throw out here is that there are in-numerous possible causes for any issue you have. Making clear every detail as to system specs, software, hardware, name of your dog/cat— will help to diagnose a specific issue.

Sorry, the dog/cat thing was over the top but the fact that you had not even mentioned the Tascam interface model nor the system you are running leads me to ask for even the most redundant.

Glad you have things working ‘acceptable’ now. :slight_smile: