Hello, How low latency can you have?
iMac 27 i7 3 TB HD 48 GB ram high sierra cubase 9.5.30 absolute
Collection 3 steinberg ur 22 mk2
I have 8,5 ms!?
Best reguards
Tobias nilsson

As low as your audiointerface allows you to go.
Reduce buffer size for lower latency, if your system and project size allows.
On my system I can play a vst instrument using 0.7ms latency, but then I can’t do much else.
It is different from person to person, how much is too much.
Remember that plugins in the signal path can add to latency, a limiter on the master bus can easily add 25ms to the latency.

That seems like a crazy low latency to me, Peakae. I’m impressed.

Thanx! How do you lower your latency? you go there, click on control panel and then change the buffer size.

Thanx!! got the latency down to 3 ms !! buffersize to 32!! The buffer size were at 256 !!

Peakae, do you know if loading external hardware as plugins can be just as much as a resource hog as digital plugs? I was always under the impression that after you ping it in sync and have that all set up, there shouldn’t be any burden on processing power; or at the very least, nothing as noticeable as most digital plugs.

I use a lot of hardware and usually have close to a dozen external boxes connected, yet I don’t really see any kind of pattern in being able to predict if it’s going to be a potential problem loading any particular external effect or if it’s smooth sailing as if I never added the external hardware plugin. I’m on 9.5 Pro on a late 2014 Mac, i7, 16 RAM, 500 Gb, but haven’t tested it on 9.5. Just 9, 8.5, and 8.