I’m getting alot of latency with the Generic Low Latency driver, I’m using a midi keyboard with VST instuments, its set at the lowest buffer size so dont no were to go from there, can anyone help?

look in the manual

Tried that got know where

Generic driver isn’t much cop.
Asio4all may give better results with your built in soundcard but ideally you should run an audio interface with it’s own asio drivers.

Yeah i’ve got a audio interface with an alpha ASIO driver but the driver only works if I select the generic one, shut the pc down and re-boot, then change to the alpha ASIO, thing is the alpha ASIO wont let me change to buffer size just changes it back after which is why i’ve gone back to the generic :frowning:

Shut Cubase down change the alpha latency, re-start Cubase!

how do u change the alpha latency when cubase is shut down, sory very new to this

Does it not have it’s own control panel in the system tray?

not that I know of but i’ll have a look

Also, are you using the latest version alpha driver V2.7?

Can’t even find the system try, aaarrgh

It’s usually on the bottom right of the task bar

yeah its not in there, drivers are pretty basic I think, it just says there windows drivers on the CD, think its quite an old interface

Go here> Alpha | Lexicon Pro - Legendary Reverb and Effects download and install the Alpha Driver V2.7

See if that helps?

Cheers i’ll try that :smiley: thats the one i’ve got

Oh well…

Try selecting release drivers in background, then see if the latency change will stick?

No sory thats the interface I have, i’ve down loaded it I think and now have a new driver called Lambda ASIO which wont open, the alpha one dosn’t work at all now but it stopped working before I installed the new one

woops think i’ve installed the wrong one, hang on and i’ll let u know how I got on

All sorted, thank u!!! :slight_smile:

No problem :stuck_out_tongue: