LatencyMon almost became an obsession

Hello Everyone,
The first time I had ever heard of LatencyMon was a few months ago.
I ran into some issues with Cubase and some users on the Forum helped me out with some good advice.
Then I ran it a couple of times a week.:person_facepalming:
To the point where, I was almost became obsessed of Latency.
Now I will put that software at rest.
I think I did right with the reading and the tweaks.
Window 10.

fantastic!! I have a similar setup, but with Radeon graphics. I also have very good results with latency. My motherboard is Asus ROG Strix - I had problems with the LAN network adapter, but once I tried a few versions I could settle on an older version which was tight. I had to change from the 2.5 gb port to 1 then it all worked out

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Allow me to ask:
Did you have any PROBLEMS with the latency originally?
Or is it just a “latency”-obsession - a more technical one (which I also an understand quite well :slight_smile: )

CHeers, Ernst