LatencyMon How long should it run for?

Hello , How long should latencyMon be running for? I ran it for about 5 minutes is it long enough?

Nope. You should check it in 20 min minimum I think. I saw the video about this one. Some people check it in one hour…

I let it run overnight! :smile:

2/3 mins really , it’s pretty quite at pointing out what’s causing the dropouts , on this one i left it for 13 mins as it’s a new build

1 minute is enough for basic diag.

Hi, I left it for 1 hour. It gave me this as a result.

I use to run the test for about 1 minute before. Until a few weeks ago on a intel 12700k .
At 3 minutes everything changed and it all went in red.

The last column on my test “pagecount” it was at “5”. Then at around 8 minutes went up by
14 000 in one shot . After an hour it didn’t go up by much. Finished at around 15k.
Don’t know what could of caused that …

Click on Processes tab, and you can see what is causing the page faults.