Latest Cubasis update available from the App Store!

I really don’t mean to be negative here, but I Paid £34.99 for this 16 bit version of Cubasis… And so far I have heard nothing but ‘we are considering adding this feature’ … And we ‘will be updating Cubasis frequently’ etc, etc… Auria has been updated twice since Steinberg released Cubasis! It takes on average two weeks to get approval from Apple to get an update in the App Store… When can we expect an update from you?

I totally agree with you, at times I regret I purchase this app.There is so much missing for such a high price we pay.

You raised my hopes. :slight_smile: …and then dashed them… :frowning:

Yeah… but…

Although I feel a little let down and wake every morning hoping to find the first update, it is fair to assume that Steinberg was well aware of the unfinished nature of the product. It is also fair to assume that the company plans to use the feedback from this version to build it into what the users want.

So, on one hand it is very frustrating having to wait but I am confident the high price will be justified once they get round to polishing the package! As it stands, Cubasis is pretty good but soon it will be much, much better.

In the meantime, more apps are joining the Audiobus revolution and when eventually Cubasis does too, we’ll have a solid arsenal in the bag. That rather excites me.

When it will be the same update time like for the loopmash app, then good night :cry:


Hi Sickmoth, Thanks for your comments…

it is fair to assume that Steinberg was well aware of the unfinished nature of the product.

Are you saying that you think Steinberg knowingly released an unfinished app?
I am beginning to think that Steinberg must have setup a ‘special’ team to take care of the development of iPad apps, aimed specifically at app junkies. Which is fine in it’s self if priced correctly! But if you are more of a long term user of Steinberg software (since Steinberg Pro 24 in my case) and are used to paying a premium for Steinberg products. Then this release is a very big disappointment. I know the iPad is only smartphone technology with a big screen… But this app could and should have been so much better in just it’s basic specs. And as an app developer myself, I know what the audio capabilities of the iPad are…
Regards to all…

Hello guys,

We are working already on the next update which will be available mid of February. Besides AudioBus support it will include many fixes for user reported problems and some extra features. :slight_smile:
We have a very strict QA process because we don’t want to release buggy stuff for you to have a robust app.

Thanks for the reply on the update status, looking forward to this update, I sure hope its wort the wait until February and the high price we pay.

In other words, we want to deliver quality, not quantity. :wink: But of course, we plan to deliver this year many free updates for Cubasis.

hi crohde,
Thanks for replying to the thread…
May I specifically ask you about 24 bit audio support and the fix for full bandwidth audio into the iPad mic / headset (Measurement Mode)? Please could you tell me when you intend include these important upgrades? As for me personally, without 24 bit capability, I would have no choice but to use another app to gain the full features of my RME audio interface…
Thanks again,

As far as quantity and quality, we need both concerning virtual instruments.

Hello Wally,

please understand that I cannot provide you with a concrete date. I can only say that the fixes are at the moment not planned to be included in the update that will be released in February.

Kind regards,

OK Frieder,
Thanks for the information…
Are you aware that you are registered only as a New Member, rather than official Steinberg staff?
Are you having the same issues as myself not being able to add a Sig or Avatar in your profile?

Hello Wally,

yes, I am aware of that; I ran into that issue a few days ago when joining the forum (I am a new Steinbergian :slight_smile:).

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