Latest showreel piece in the making

Ive barely had this version of Cubase (6) for a week but im loving it already.
I have had to implement J bridge which was a shame as i hoped my plugins would all integrate but i dont like the set 4gb limit where the j bridge has an open 4gb per plugin.

For me it means future proofing and i think j bridge offers more in that respect.

Anyway…the whole platform is still the best out there and i couldnt work as fast on anything else.

Here is my latest noodling with this software.I found the overall organisation very well laid out and there wasnt a steep learning curve from my experience with cubase in various studios and versions as early as 1 on the atari ST when i first started out.

if that doesnt give you a headache,please have a look about my pages and see if there is something you might like.

Thanks for looking.

A very happy cubase 6 user!!

Top of the pile Russ and I can only raise my hat to you, wonderful work. If your talent came with Cubase 6 I’d upgrade today :slight_smile:

thanks mate,really appreciate that

Thats some very impressive “noodling”. Very pro sounding. Wonder if you could give a bit of a view of what sounds you used for this?

All the best,


hi Karl,

i used some eastwest symphonic orchestra gold for some staccato parts plus the close mike,also used symphobia staccato gently layered with it as neither on there own seems completely right on the ear.
again,symphobia for cutting brass tones.
using a lot of tonehammer percussion.typically Epic dhol which has some enormous cinematic ton like sounds which cut thru the mix.
eastwests MOR drum kit.which isnt fantastic but layered and mixed it can sound a little more convincing.i do need to invest in better drum kit sets.
the guitar on the background in places is steinberg electric guitar along with Vir2 Electri6ity patch just lightly dropped in.
all my choir sounds are from tonehammer requiem which i find very quick and easy to use and work very fast with.

Holy Crescendo, Batman!!! That just about knocked me outta my chair! :open_mouth:

Impressive noodling, indeed. I loved it. I had’nt heard of Tonehammer.
I see all the sound libraries on their site but do they come with their own sampler,
or are they for Kontakt of some olther sampler?

i only discovered tonehammer last year.all thee samples fire up in kontakt format.
it was then i looked further and now i use sample logic stuff and recently sonokinetic as i am a listed demo writer for them now which is handy cos it intitles me to a lot of there stuff as i require it.

cinesamples do make a very nice selection too.i was originally baptized in the name of all things eastwest but i tend to only use what i just cant get anywhere else and some of there recorded samples are just unbeatable still.

really glad you enjoyed the trying to knock up a decent showreel worth of cues so i can get some work out there.i have a deal to sign this friday with a big publisher who wants to licence my work so im hoping that will be the shape of things to come.fingers crossed as always lol

Excellent :sunglasses: