Latest Windows 10 update breaks USB driver

Hello everyone. Yesterday my UR22C was working perfectly as is has been since I purchased it months ago. Today, Windows 10 is only getting audio in the left channel and most apps don’t even recognize any audio input from my microphone. If I use the Mix dial, I correctly get audio in the left channel of my headphones and when I depress the mono button, I get it in both channels of my headphones as I always have.
I’m suspecting maybe a recent windows update may have broken the driver somehow. When in the Sound Control Panel, under Line Properties → Advanced the Default Format is greyed out, (I think it always has been with my UR22C) but still is showing it is in 2 channel mode which would explain audio only in the left channel.
I am running Windows 10 (Version 21H1) and Steinberg driver version

Has anyone else encountered this recently? I would love to get it fixed.

Hi My friend, firstly I would like to wonder if you can test your interface with another device to ensure the problem is not in the interface, secondly you can go back in windows 10 before you install some updates, it takes some time so maybe you can try re installing the Steinberg driver like a step one. If it doesn’t work please typing in google :

how to geek how to use system restore in windows 10

Enter in first option. Unfortunately I can’t share links here. Excuse me.

At the same way I share some information about how to reset the windows 10 if it’s necessary in the Xtreme case but maybe with the system restore that I share above I guess I could be fixed. The same problem here I can’t share links so … Typing this in Google will show you the options :

Recovery options in Windows 10

Excuse my mistakes with the language, I would like if you can correct some mistakes I’ve done while I’m typing. I’m trying to improve my English.

Let me know if some of this steps works


This W10 version is brandnew, I would never update this one immediatly. Often Cubase does not work properly with newer versions and also maybe the hardware drivers. I would stick to the older version untill I read there are no issues. I always make a backup of my C drive befiore any W10 upate so I can go back to the previous version.
First thing to do is install the driver again.

Thank you for the responses. I have reinstalled the driver a couple times now. First with the older version and then again with the latest version. I do have a macbook pro I will connect my UR22C to today to test if it is the Windows driver issue or the UR22C has developed an issue.

I just finished installing the Steinberg / Yamaha driver on my Macbook Pro and connected my UR22C. Just as I susptected, it works correctly with the macbook and some of the same apps that I use on my Windows 10 machine. The problem is with the Windows driver and the most recent Windows updates.

I hope Steinberg is monitoring this and working on a solution. My Windows 10 machine is my main computer I use my UR22C with.

I have a handful of drivers I have to reinstall almost every time Windows does an update. It’s like clockwork, so I just keep the driver installers on the desktop.

M-Audio Delta 1010…drivers themselves don’t break, but the control panel for it has to be reinstalled almost EVERY TIME a Windows Security update comes through.

The dongle stuff is one of the things I keep ready (eLisencer/iLok/Waves/etc). If the Windows updates don’t break the driver, they at least mess up the permissions the installer had asked for, and worked fine with until another update came along. Sometimes just running eLisencer in admin mode fixes it, others I just run the latest installer.

It seems to be most prevalent with security updates.

It gets pretty annoying at times, because a few of my drivers are ‘unsigned’ (Roland Fantom X USB/MIDI drivers for instance). Windows kicks them out with the ‘security updates’ pretty often. To get them back, I have to boot in a special mode and verify that unsigned drivers are OK. Reinstall. Then I’m back in business.

If that weren’t enough…I use a lot of RAM Disks that typically stay intact as long power to the PC is maintained, and windows updates wipe and break those EVERY TIME! Ugg…

Did you ever get it to work? I’m having a similar issue, no output on either the Line outs to my external speakers or on my headphones.

I have the free winaero tweaker installed and checked for NOT updating any drivers. Works great. never any problems after W10 updates. Also you can check to NOT update W10 automaticly, only when you decide to do it… Great Tool.