Latest Yamaha drivers for CLI Mac MINI buffering issues

I just migrate my mac pro for a mac mini M1 2021 and macos Monterey. I use a CL1 sound card and I have updated to the latest driver version 3.0.5.
The driver installed properly and the CL1 is listed properly and running but, I have constant buffering issues when streaming videos or music . This does not happens with other sound interfaces only CL1.
Is it a way to increase a buffer size somewhere for this card or is it a known issue ?

I would guess you need to ask on the Yamaha forums on this one?

Monterey is not qualified for anything yet as well as Cubase. M1 support is not yet there as well

Does the Yamaha have an app associated with it? Front end console app if you will


Actually I have found what was wrong. The card has always been connected on an USB2 port, I tried a USB3 port and I seen the light comes up. I tried another USB2 port and did not. I tried something else on the two USB2 ports and they worked , so it is not the OS or the Hub usb2 but something with using the driver only on USB3? I don’t know enough about that stuff, but it worked for me

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