Latin Percussion patch and writing mode

I am using Dorico 2.2

My goal is to create a 5 line timbales kit that includes the following: Crash cymbol, Chacha bell, Jam block, Cowbell, Snare, High timbale, Low Timbale, Cascara (shell of timbale), Floor tom, and Kick Drum.

I have multiple questions:

1.) Under SETUP I added player/instrument “timbales” and “edited the percussion kit” to include most of the instruments above. For the instruments I couldn’t find, what should I do?

2.) This question plays off the first question. When I go to PLAY and explore the “Latin Percussion” in the HSSE3 library, I can find the sounds (MIDI 59 or 57) that I want for the instrument “cascara” listed above. How could I assign that sound to an instrument/player I can use in write mode?

3.) Is there a document or place I can go to find HSSE3’s list of instruments so I can see what the actual name of each unpitched percussion it is that I am auditioning?


  1. If Dorico doesn’t have a definition for a specific percussion instrument that you need, I would suggest repurposing another one and editing its name, which you can do in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog. Make sure you make a note of which instrument you use for which other one, because this is critical to getting playback of the correct sound working.

  2. You’ll need to connect your percussion kit instrument to the appropriate percussion map, which you can create in Play > Percussion Maps and which allows you to specify which instrument and playing technique corresponds to each MIDI note in the percussion kit. I wrote a detailed walkthrough of how this all fits together, which you can read here.

  3. I’m afraid there isn’t, which is a shame, because it would be really useful to us as well! But I asked our sound designers whether they could provide it, and because these sounds came to us many years ago from our colleagues at Yamaha, I’m afraid nobody appears to be able to lay their hands on a precise list of the sounds.

Thank you! I figured it out. I just needed to mainly wrap my head around what percussion maps were, and how they were used in relation to VST libraries. Took me three days, lol. I had to watch videos multiple times to understand. By the way, Anthony Hughes is the absolute best!