Launchpad mini pads assign with Groove Agent 5 se

Hi there guys
i recently bought a launchpad mini to use it exclusively with Groove Agent for my drum hits,but i find it very hard to assign the pads of launchpad the way i want in Groove Agent…
by it own the launchpad triggers some of the pads of Groove agent in a random order, and i want to set up each pad to trigger the pads i want tobut no idea how to.I have tried fvew things in the Generic Remote section but no luck
Would someone help please?
THanks in advance


Down bellow the pads on the right side, click the Use Hardware Controller Mapping. Select the pad in the left-bottom corner and press the left-bottom pad on your hardware. Then click the 2nd pad in the Groove Agent SE and press the 2nd pad on your hardware. Do this until all pads are assigned. Then Save Preset. Done.

Thank you very much Martin
Best regards mate!!!