Launchpad mini pads assign with Groove Agent 5 se

Hi there guys
i recently bought a launchpad mini to use it exclusively with Groove Agent for my drum hits,but i find it very hard to assign the pads of launchpad the way i want in Groove Agent…
by it own the launchpad triggers some of the pads of Groove agent in a random order, and i want to set up each pad to trigger the pads i want tobut no idea how to.I have tried fvew things in the Generic Remote section but no luck
Would someone help please?
THanks in advance


Down bellow the pads on the right side, click the Use Hardware Controller Mapping. Select the pad in the left-bottom corner and press the left-bottom pad on your hardware. Then click the 2nd pad in the Groove Agent SE and press the 2nd pad on your hardware. Do this until all pads are assigned. Then Save Preset. Done.

Thank you very much Martin
Best regards mate!!!

This didn’t work. Is there another step in between to be followed?

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Which step is working and which doesn’t work anymore on your side, please?

In the steps mention above, once i clicked on “Use Hardware Controller Mapping”, and then started selecting the pads in Groove Agent and in my Hardware, no mapping happened. There was no indication that mapping is done. I still continued the steps assuming that maybe there’s no visual cue, and did Save Preset. But overall, it didn’t work.

I’m using latest Nuendo 11 btw.

Groove (371 Bytes)
Set the performance pads to channel 11 and the instrument pads to channel 10.
Change the colors if you don’t like my design.

Basically though, you can use a drum pad 4x4 and check the bottom left of the pad-set in GA and set the 4x4 to that note. But for the triggers you want it to toggle usually, and you have to set that up note by note in Novation Components. The default for most presets is pad-set 3 so that is what this syx is set to.

Also, I turn the led on the pads OFF when the note is on. You can change that in NC as well.

What Martin suggested will work, but you have to learn the pad for every preset, instead, if you use NC to set up the hardware, it will just work every time, without having to set up every preset.