Layer Control Map not working?


I think the layer control map is not working properly. Try mapping CC#2 (Breath) to CC#20, but the CC# number stays on CC#2 as evidenced by the VST Midi Monitor.

The function “blocked” is OK.

(Windows Version

Unfortunately you are right. A bug has crawled in that maps the controller to itself :frowning:
Will be fixed with the next unpdate, which again has been scheduled soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you very much for the feedback.
In this context, however, I would like to make a request or suggestion.

Could you put the CC number in front of the text labels?

CC#01 Modulation
CC#02 Breath
CC#05 Foot

Nowadays, mainly the CC numbers are used in the devices and plug-ins and the old MIDI names are rarely found.

I think that most users don’t know the controller names and the corresponding numbers by heart. In this case, you always have to look up the CC names in a table.

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Well, the controller number is the table index number shown at the left side.
But you got a point when selecting or for the mapped cc, so for those we will add it.

… and your table index starts with 1 for “BankSel MSB” and end with 128 for “Poly Mode On”.
It must be decreased by 1 anyway. :wink:

like so?

That is, of course, a matter of taste.
I would not write any text in the index column, but use the same text in “Controller” and “Mapped To”.
That looks tidier somehow.

…and “CC# xx Controller xx” could be shortened to “CC# xx Controller”.

ok, can do

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