Layer in sharing mode for a whole project

Hello, it is possible to use a plugin instrument (for example : Halionsonic - with a piano sound) with a layer in sharing mode, but for a whole project. No global layer.
The shared layer should not be associated with a song, but with the project.

But that’s what global layers are for!

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Is there a possibility to change the zones, pitch , octave, velocity for each layer than in different songs then?

Set the Global Layer Input to Virtual MIDI 3 (for instance) and send to there from Song Layers (send to Virtual MIDI 3).

Ok this is working, but i could not adjust the volume for each part.
Pianoteq did not response to midi slider.

It works here. You need to set the sending Layer slider to MIDI (orange handle), then individual MIDI volume is propagated to the Global Layer, and from there to its output. Note that the Global Layer MIDI volume is not linked, it has its own function. Probably best to leave it to “NOT SET” (ctrl/click).