Layer Properties. Configured CC Value Keeps Changing On Me

Hi, I was directed to use Layers to automatically set the Performance on my Kemper Profiler when selecting a song. The Performance I’m targetting is mapped to CC#47 value 14. I’m able to enter this value in the UI, but when I go to another song and then come back that CC’s value keeps changing to 18 instead of 14 as I entered it, so it’s loading the wrong performance. Any idea what might be causing this CC value to change on me every time I leave the song and come back?

This is what I entered:

Sorry, it gave me an error with a second screenshot so adding in a reply.

This is what happens after navigating away and then coming back:

… we’ll check. Quick Question : are you working with the latest version 1.40.53?


Latest is 1.4.53 :slight_smile:
Tried with that, and no such problem. If it persists even when you use the latest version, try with another instrument (such as the provided ones), still the same?

Delete the layer and call up the VST instrument again. This helped me with a similar problem.

Yes, I’m on the latest version. Fresh install.

… we found a problem that text-editing is not working for the MIDI-CC Controls. Did you enter 18 manually?

The problem is definitely fixed for the next version.

See you,

Yes. It was difficult to land on the exact value I wanted with the knob as on my Mac it was stepping by at least 3 at a time, so I typed it in. Glad to hear you found it, thanks!