Layering 2 articulations with expression maps


I did some search, but wasn’t able to find an answer. I’m trying to create a keyswitch that combine 2 different articulations from 2 different midi channels. Is that possible?

My expression map is like that:

C0 - legato - MIDI CHANNEL 1
C#0 - spicatto - MIDI CHANNEL 2
D0 - tremolo - MIDI CHANNEL 3
D#0 - pizzicato - MIDI CHANNEL 4

I’d like to assing E0 to combine legato and spicatto. For that, cubase would have to trigger midi channels 1 and 2 simultaneously. How can I do that?

I’ve been trying to use groups but it didn’t seam to work. Either I get a legato or a spicatto sound. Also I tried to put C0 and C#0 in the output mapping, but I didn’t get what I was expecting.


Input Transformer?

But then, it would affect the whole track right?

Actually I started using Expression Maps to reduce the number of tracks to just 1 per instrument or section. I’d like to keyswitch through different articulations (which are all midi channels in my library), one of them being the layer of legato + stacatto.