Layering Drums with Drum Map?


I could not find any previous discussion of the following. I have multiple external instruments which output drums. Instead of using these instrument’s preset kits, I usually browse through drums by type (kick, snare, hat) and choose a couple to layer (EDIT: not velocity-layer, just stack them). I’ve only recently started trying to take full advantage of Cubase’s VST instrument rack and drum maps, and cannot find an easy way to implement this.

Ideally, I’d like a way for a single note in the drum editor trigger two different samples on two different MIDI ports. I recently learned that the drum map can be used to trigger drums on different MIDI ports as it overrides the track output settings. So I was thinking I could have multiple entries in a drum map (i.e. multiple samples) have the same I-note and O-note, thereby allowing me to play two drums simultaneously while having to deal with only one MIDI note. However, it seems as though multiple entries in the drum map cannot share I-note values.

So how can this be done? MIDI transformers? Is there a reason for the limitation in the drum map? I don’t know anyone who uses all 128 notes of a drum map, so being able to use one as a dummy note for sample layering doesn’t seem like a pipe dream. How is this commonly done?

Thanks, and hope everyone’s new year has begun well!