Layering instruments (midi)

Hello everyone! I am a first-time user of Cubase. I’ve been learning Cubase these past couple weeks, but there’s one thing I still could use some help on. That is, layering instruments via midi, which controls Kontakt.

Here’s a hypothetical setup:
In the first track I have an Instrument Track called Kontakt 5. In Kontakt, I have Spitfire Audio Strings (channel 1) and ProjectSAM Strings (channel 2).

Next I create 3 midi tracks:

  1. Master (controls notes, velocity, and expression (CC11) of BOTH channel 1 and 2)
  2. Channel 1 (controls keyswitches and volume for Spitfire Audio)
  3. Channel 2 (controls keyswitches and volume for ProjectSAM).

Right now I have to duplicate what I have in channel 1 into channel 2. Can I avoid this?

If you just wanted both Instruments to play the same thing & didn’t care about Keyswitches & Volume you could set both Instruments to the same MIDI Channel in Kontakt. But…

You could create 2 Instrument Tracks - one for Spitfire & the second for ProjectSAM. Use these Tracks for your Keyswitch & Volume control. Next create a MIDI (not Instrument) Track & send it’s output to one of the Instrument Tracks. Then use a Send on the MIDI Track to drive the other Instrument Track. This will also give you more control over the blend & processing of the different VSTi’s in the MixConsole. Make sure all the Tracks are set to use MIDI Channel 1 in their Inspectors.