Layering several VST sounds with different expression maps to one instrument

I would like to layer two different VST instruments (with different expression maps) to Dorico instruments. Is there a way to route to different instruments with different expression maps?

For example, I find that NP 3 with strings layer with another liberary (I use Miroslav Philharmonic) sounds much better.

Currently, I created new instruments for MP and manually copied the notes to these. However, if I change something I have to copy/paste again.

I think the only way you could to that without copy and paste between instruments or voices is to put both vst on the same channel and create an xmap that will generate the proper patches on the two instruments at the same time.
I use this not for layering but for complementary instruments. For example, a my solo violin combines Vsl, Xsa contemporary, xsa normal and con timbre. When selecting a sound, my xmap calls the preset on the active vst and puts the other ones on an empty patch.
But to manage that you’ll need hours and hours of xmap and preset building and a very powerful computer for larger scores

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Yes, at the moment there’s no better way to do this than to have multiple instruments in your project with the same music; you can hide the extra instruments from the printed score by creating a full score layout that omits them.